Resource List for Literacy Coaches

It’s important to have some go-to resources as we move along in our careers. I have listed some of mine along with a description. In my search I found new ones as well. What do you use?

International Reading Association (IRA)

The focus of the IRA (now the ILA – International Literacy Association) is to assist teachers with literacy instruction. They have a strong belief that literacy is the future and it needs to be taught well. They have publications, lesson plans, and literacy projects in place that are utilized by teachers all over the world. They aim to create a community of educators working towards the goal of literacy.

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

The NCTE is best described by their core values: writing, literature, integrated language arts, diversity, knowledgeable, caring teachers, advocacy, and and public education. They want literacy promoted as they are integrated within other content areas and in a diverse way. Their goal is to make sure that everyone is able to participate in our society with these literacy and speaking skills.

Minnesota Reading Association (MRA)

The MRA is a Minnesota based association that supports what the ILA (International Literacy Association) does. They promote networking and collaboration, provide resources and opportunities for professional growth and leadership development, and they support literacy efforts across the state. They are a diverse group of more than 500 people in different parts of education as well as teachers and students.

Minnesota Council of Teachers of English (MCTE)

This organization is associated with the NCTE. It is a way for English and Language Arts teachers to collaborate and learn together. It has Minnesota based workshops available. It has what they call MEJ Online where there are articles and discussions that go on regarding education.

American Association of School Librarians

This association supports librarians by empowering them to help students learn. Their goal is to ensure that librarians are seen as an important part of a child’s education. It provides journals, research, conferences available, among other things. It seems to focus a lot on current technologies for librarians to utilize and keep up to date with the changes in education.   

Florida Center for Reading

This provides you with research based literacy skills for teachers to use with their readers. It’s directed towards the state of Florida, but has great research that any teacher can utilize. It provides information on different projects that they are doing as well as current research in literacy. They have a large list of articles that you can refer to depending on what you are looking for. I also noticed it has a couple of assessments that you can give students in order to know which way to go with their learning. This site would be great for any teacher of literacy, but especially valuable to a literacy coach who has the job to stay current on research.

University of Oregon Center on Teaching and Learning

It looks like this site is no longer being updated, but is available as a resource. It’s focus is that students are able to read at grade level by third grade. It refers to the information that the National Reading Panel came up with back in 1997. It would be good for a literacy coach to use this site as well as a curriculum director. It has some great tips on how to choose a reading curriculum and assessments as well.   

Reading Rockets

This is a site that I’ve heard of many times but haven’t had the time to browse. It is technologically savvy with the apps and podcasts that are available to teachers and students. The target audience for this site would be teachers, parents, principals, librarians, and school counselors. It addresses teaching literacy and assisting struggling readers. It has a huge list of literature for kids and many different ways of listing them to assist anyone interested.


My school has used newsela. I know that the third and fourth grade teachers utilize it much more than we do in the younger grades. It puts news in kid friendly language so that current events are easily read and understood by students. This is a great site for parents and teachers. As a parent I would enjoy it as current events come up and I might be looking for a way for my fourth grade son to comprehend the ideas in an age appropriate way.

Jan Brett

I do a unit that is focused on Jan Brett’s books and this looks like it has some great resources that I could use during that unit. It looks like you can contact the author as well. Using it would make it interactive and real-world like.

Ohio State University: Literacy Collaborative

Our district has committed to doing the Literacy Collaborative with Ohio State and will begin the process next year. The Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive literacy program that was created from Dr. Irene Fountas and Dr. Gay Su Pinnell’s work. It has great resources and thoughts for all teachers along with other links and research.    

National Reading Panel

The National Reading Panel was put together in order to create quality research in reading instruction. It specifically states that the site is not being updated, but the information that you are able to gather from it is helpful. This is a site that I continue to go back to because of the great research that it has. I’ve used it for every one of my graduate classes and refer back to it often for my own gain.

What are your online go-to resources?




5 thoughts on “Resource List for Literacy Coaches

  1. These are great resources! Its important to have a solid list of resources available-you never know what you might need and when you’ll need it. I have found Newsela to be helpful. I hope to put Reading Rockets to use a little but more this year…I know I have some readers that would benefit from the website 🙂

    We also use DOGO news-it has videos and such-my 5th graders love it. Also-We really love EPIC! 🙂


  2. Thank you for the long list of literacy resources! It is so amazing how many things are actually out there that people use and other educators haven’t even heard of them yet! It is important to share as much as we can about the great things that are already in place instead of reinventing the wheel. Teachers are extremely busy with their other long to-do lists, so therefore, we need to pool our resources and share with others! This is also an effective piece of the role of a literacy coach… share, share, share, all of the awesome resources and activities! Thanks for the post!


  3. Hi Heather–
    What a great list of resources for all aspects of reading instruction! Since I do not have my own classroom (yet) I look forward to going through all of these and checking them out to see what they have to offer my future students. I am always grateful to have lists of “go to” resources for any subject–it takes a village, right??
    Thanks for a great post!


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