Website Resources for Literacy Leaders

I have included a previous post that has other websites as well. Please scroll down further to see those.

Jan Richardson Guided Reading

Jan Richardson is most famous for her knowledge of guided reading in classrooms. Her website gives resources, PD opportunities, literacy tips, videos, among other things. Jan Richardson, Ph.D., a leading expert in guided reading, is a former K-12 teacher, reading specialist, Reading Recovery teacher leader, and staff developer. She currently is an educational consultant, providing presentations and classroom demonstrations across the U.S. and Canada.


The Daily 5

This has information related to the Daily 5 and CAFE books by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (the 2 sisters). Even if you don’t follow the Daily 5 or CAFE, you will find great resources on this site. For a small fee you can print their templates and letters. There is current research, blogs, workshops, and even a section on math.


Fountas and Pinnell Website

These are two of the leading ladies in the literacy world. You can join onto their site for free and receive updates on the latest in literacy. It gives you resources for assessments, resources, interventions, PD, and many other things.  


Fountas and Pinnell Leveled books

If your school goes by the F & P leveling, this is the place for you! This site is the only official source for books leveled by Fountas and Pinnell using their F&P Text Level Gradient™. This frequently updated, subscription-based, online list contains 57,380 books submitted by over 300 publishers. Every book is meticulously reviewed and leveled by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in conjunction with their team of hand-selected levelers using the F&P Text Level Gradient™.

ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)

ASCD is a global community of educators dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading. Our innovative solutions empower educators to promote the success of each child. It has an endless list of books and publications that have up to date research on everything related to teaching and learning. It has numerous resources and workshops for teachers as well.

ERIC Files

You are able to search all types of articles relating to education. It gives you the latest research on whatever you are looking for.


This seems like an obvious one, but I have to put it in here. You can find some nicely discounted books for your classroom and personal use. They will even have teacher specials from time to time. If you pay a yearly fee you also get free shipping (which is sometimes also discounted). If you are looking for books, this site is worth a shot to get the best bang for your buck.

Scholastic Teacher Store

This is also a great resource for books, but also includes other resources, programs, classroom materials, blogs, lesson ideas etc.

Lucy Calkins

At this site you will find units of study created by Lucy Calkins. If you search her by name you will find numerous resources and information about her and her work.
U.S. Department of Education

This site is important in order to keep up to date on the regulations and changes that go on within education. To see what is updated regarding ESSA you can go to



One thought on “Website Resources for Literacy Leaders

  1. Hello!

    I think the Jan Richardson website looks super interesting. I love the fact that she’s an expert on guided reading. It’s not something I have explored, really, in my classrooms. I will have to spend some more time perusing her website. I think it’s so funny how similar some of our resources are. The overlapping ones are clearly the ones that people can trust as go-tos!


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