Writer’s Workshop

I’ve started exploring a writer’s workshop model in my classroom. I find that Lucy Calkins has been a pioneer in writer’s workshop. In this 7 part series you hear right from the mouth of Lucy Calkins about reading and writing and why it’s important to give students a choice in their reading, teacher education, curriculum, implementation, and more. I like that we hear her voice and words that back up her work. I think her ideas are great if they can be properly supported by administration and professional development. Check it out for yourself.



2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop

  1. Hi Heather,
    I think this is great. I had never heard of her before. I wrote a blog post about choice, a couple of months ago. I think it’s such an important thing and one that most frequently falls by the wayside. Good find, I am sure I will refer back to this at some point. I also like that the videos were published not too long ago.


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